Tornadoes rip across Montgomery County, leaving people bloodied inside damaged homes (2024)

A powerful storm spawned tornadoes that ripped their way across Montgomery County, Maryland, Wednesday evening, leaving a line of damage for at least 45 miles.

A long-track twister left its greatest destruction in a residential neighborhood in Gaithersburg, where it felled large trees onto houses. Residents were trapped inside.

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In one home along Dogwood Drive, five people were injured, including one person with traumatic injuries, according to Pete Piringer of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue.

“When it came through … it just looked an eerie color and then all of a sudden it happened really fast, and we heard a foundation kind of shake kind of thing,” said one Dogwood Drive resident, who sheltered in her basem*nt with her family.

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Multiple tornadoes are believed to have struck. In an update early Thursday, Montgomery County officials said they believe at least two tornadoes tore through the county. The National Weather Service is expected to provide additional information.

There are widespread power outages and downed wires, Piringer said. Debris was strewn across roadways.

Gaithersburg Mayor Jud Ashman said he was relieved that no one was killed.

— Jud Ashman (@judashman) June 6, 2024

Dashboard camera video shared with News4 showed debris violently swirling around on a Gaithersburg street and an apparent utility explosion as the tornado moved through.

My dash cam footage within the tornado in Gaithersburg. @nbcwashington @dougkammerer #tornado

— Mark Monis (@Monisrocks1995) June 6, 2024

Mark Monis said he decided to pursue his dream of being a tornado chaser and almost got more than he bargained for.

“I was watching Doug [Kammerer], and he said it was going to be by Gaithersburg High School,” he said. “And I had a dream of chasing tornadoes when I was younger, and I took this opportunity.”

He said what he saw near the intersection of South Frederick Avenue and South Summit Avenue was earth-shaking. Trees and branches started hitting his car.

“You see all the debris flying in here, and I was like, ‘This is probably it, right here,’” Monis said. “I was like, 'Jesus, this could have been worse.'"

Storm Team4 forecast: Pleasant Monday with warm temps, isolated shower possible


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A motorist's dashboard camera captured a moment when a funnel cloud touched down in Gaithersburg. He spoke with News4's Walter Morris about what he witnessed.

A potentially deadly tornado was confirmed on the ground in Poolesville, Maryland, at 7:14 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. Piringer said that Montgomery County Fire and RMS communications responded to 35 storm-related incidents between 6 and 8:30 p.m.

Damage and debris have been reported as a tornado moved east at 20-25 mph. The path of damage may start as far west as Leesburg, Virginia, Storm Team4 said, and includes Poolesville, Gaithersburg and Olney, Maryland.

Power outages and downed trees were all that was left of a tornado and storm that tore through Montgomery County, Maryland. News4's Doug Kammerer reports.

As of 8:50 p.m., the length of the storm's path — at least of what was warned, not necessarily what was on the ground — was about 60 miles and was still headed toward Baltimore. Tornadoes can skip, Storm Team4 Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer said.

"That is one of, if not the, longest tracks I have ever worked here in the Washington, D.C., area," Kammerer said.

The severe weather then moved on toward Howard and Anne Arundel counties, and Baltimore.

A resident in Montgomery County went into the basem*nt of their home after learning of a tornado on the ground, staying safe from the large tree that fell on their yard and car. News4's Doug Kammerer reports.

The strongest winds associated with the tornado were about 110 mph, according to Storm Team4.

NWS categorized it as a "particularly dangerous situation." Weather spotters also confirmed the tornado.

The storms also produced a lot of lightning.

Viewer video of tornado in Darnestown, MD @nbcwashington

📹Ari Perlman

— Michael Pegram (@MichaelPNews) June 5, 2024

Several tornado warnings popped up Wednesday afternoon and evening as Storm Team4 tracked storms in the Washington, D.C., area.

A tornado warning means there is imminent danger and anyone in the area should take steps to protect themselves and their families immediately.

A 100 mph tornado, strong for the DMV region, moved across Montgomery County on Wednesday evening. Watch as News4's Doug Kammerer explains the power flashes in real time, over live video of the spiral clouds.

When a tornado warning is in effect, anyone in the area should take cover immediately. The best place to take cover is on the lowest floor of a sturdy building, experts say. Bathrooms and closets are often a good choice so you can avoid windows.

People across the D.C. area saw heavy rain begin before the evening rush hour. A flood watch was issued for parts of Maryland and Virginia through 10 p.m.

Weather radar:

Stay with Storm Team4 for the latest forecast. Download the NBC Washington app on iOS and Android to get severe weather alerts on your phone.

Tornadoes rip across Montgomery County, leaving people bloodied inside damaged homes (2024)
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